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A Littlejohn Ltd is a family run business established in 1985 as a technical consultancy,  adding material compounding to its activities in 1990. This often involved laboratory modifications of ‘Standard’ materials to meet specific Rubber compounding coupled with finished product conversion techniques. Initially this included a range of organic polymers – eg. Butyl, nitrile and Epichlorohydrin materials, but then concentrated on silicone rubber compounds and processes. This latter part (Silicone Rubber Compounding) expanded rapidly to meet the need for customised materials in the silicone rubber sector, with specified product performance parameters and most importantly recognising the needs of conversion processes.

Littlejohns provides expertise, material and support in silicone and fluorosilicone Rubbers/ Elastomers to the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, electrical and electronic sectors.

The company carries out research and development activities and can provide its customers with full technical support from concept through to the placing of products on the market. We have wide knowledge of the technical standards used to specify silicone rubber materials and hence the matching silicone rubber compounds. The regulatory standards/requirements for the sectors in which our customers and end users operate will always be taken into account.  This research and development capability allows the company to have a deep understanding of the effect its products can have on the environment and society at large, and we work with our customers to ensure that the silicone rubber compounds fulfil expectations in the context of the markets in which its customers are active ie. Covering all aspects from basic physical /property requirements to health and safety.

Littlejohn Limited is proud to be one of the UK’s leading silicone elastomer compounders and suppliers. Our tried, tested and trusted products are highly regarded by the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and automotive sectors – to name just a few. With over 40 years’ experience and unbeatable wide ranging support services, we’re a true industry leader.

We are dedicated to excellence. We maintain our pioneering position by continually investing in our staff and equipment. Our facilities include z-blade mixers, mills, extruders, presses and much more – and our technical knowledge within the silicone-elastomer field means we can work with our customers to consider all aspects of the silicone rubber compounds supplied.

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We are proud to be ISO 9001-2015 accredited – meaning from our processes to our products, we only work to the highest quality

Here at A Littlejohn Limited, our specialist compounding service is focused on solutions tailored to your unique requirements. 

We’re committed to providing a first-class customer experience. Not only do we develop a vast range of silicone rubber compounds, We also provide appropriate testing back-up in our on-site climate controlled laboratory.

Bear in mind that there are times when further needs become apparent during finished product manufacture or in product use. Our flexible approach to silicone rubber compounding enables us to respond positively to this situation. We can offer you a truly efficient end-to-end service – from concept to completion.

Why not discuss your rubber and silicone requirements in person? Contact Us where our experienced team is on-hand to answer any query you may have.

The company is an authorized distributor of additives, base rubbers, modifiers, stabilizers and pigments manufactured by Wacker Chemie AG.

The company is customer focused and places a high value on the participation of its workforce is fully engaged in the performance of the company. The knowledge and experience of the workforce in meeting the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and the explicit requirements of its customers.

Silicone Compounds

We offer our silicone compound services to converters whose products cover a wide variety of industries including: including:

  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aero Space
  • Automotive
  • Roller Industries


A Littlejohn Ltd have gained expert knowledge from continual development and quality assurance testing. As a customer of ours, you can be assured we are able to offer you the latest innovations and a diverse product range.

Whatever your project, make A Littlejohn Ltd your first choice for silicone rubber compounds designed to suit you and your customers requirements.  Contact us for further details of the services we offer, or speak to one of our experts who will offer you pr​ofessional advice and guidance.

Designing Compounds for Specific Customer Requirements


Here at Littlejohn’s we understand that each customers requirements will vary from meeting certain specifications down to colour. Using years of expertise we are able to design each compound to suit each request varying from something very basic eg. A hardness or perhaps colour through to highly complex processing and final product performance specifications.

We take care to consider all the known requirements of the silicone rubber components developed in a balanced and independent manner. We are also able to colour match the compounds according to the product characteristics. Littlejohn’s are the European experts in silicone material formulation, compounding many tonnes of material every year.

Of course, your requirements will not only be determined by the product characteristics – you may need specific approvals. We can supply material to meet specific approvals, and proven formulations which satisfy most requirements.

Options include:  

  • General purpose silicone– ideal for customers who need the technical advantages of silicone, but do not demand specific performance criteria
  • Addition (Platinum) cured– a useful alternative to the more widely used peroxide initiated crosslinking (curing) systems. Designed to increase the productivity of the moulding operation
  • High strength silicone– designed to have a significantly higher elongation and tear strength than general purpose silicone
  • High temperature rubber– an increasing number of products demand reliable operation in challenging environments – withstanding temperatures of up to 300°C for periods of up to 3 weeks
  • Low temperature silicone– using phenyl-based elastomers to prevent silicone parts stiffening and becoming ‘glass-like’ at extreme low temperature ie. Below – 50°C
  • Conductive silicone– Silicone Rubber Compounds-modified to change specific properties eg. Electrical or thermal conductivity/insulation, detectability etc.

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