Woman behind the business – Enid Bennion

We would like to pay tribute to Enid Bennion, mother of Stephen, Alison, Dave and Sarah, who has recently passed away at the age of 88 years. 

Enid was a Great Grandmother, Grandmother, mother, wife, companion and friend to so many.

Enid spent many a year here at A Littlejohn Ltd. As with all family members, Enid threw herself into any job, from the mopping to accounting to the sheeting off of material for despatch. It was only a few years ago when she was still helping us out with the filing! She was also constantly on hand for her children and all the children’s children with her childminding services and housekeeping skills. 

There are not many left in the industry of her age now but she is very fondly remembered by those who were around over the years. She is especially remembered and we feel so blessed to have known her here at Littlejohn’s as the ‘Woman behind Everything’. As the saying goes ‘Behind every successful man is a great woman’. Phil Bennion, our consultant, was a very lucky man.